Intersecting Paths

by Pariah

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Three roads become one, and we stand here at the convergence. We stand here at the crux of Intersecting Paths.

Recorded on August 9th, 2014 and August 13th, 2014.


released September 1, 2014

Ben Voitl - Vocals
Jordan Tacuboy - Guitar, backing vocals on track 2
Tyler Cieck - Drums, bass, vocals on track 3, backing vocals on tracks 2 and 4.
Engineered and mixed by Zack Farrar
Album art by Ben Voitl and Tyler Cieck



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Pariah Bartlett, Illinois


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Track Name: No Solace
These are compulsions
Misplaced actions formed from unformed words
Shattering my dignity
And forcing confusion

Spent these past few years grieving
Over the death of a well formed brain

But who am I kidding?
I was always this way

So with these obsessions
I'll make them mine
And kill them slow everyday, over time

Entitle myself
As worthy as the rest
To not be trapped until my death

Spent these past few years grieving
Over the death of a well formed brain
I was always this way
So with these obsessions
I'll make them mine
And kill them slow one day at a time

I am more than my intrusions
I deserved to be freed
Track Name: In Disrepair
Broken promises
Misplaced concept of forever

But this smile says I'm trying
Burden burned across my back

As ageless anguish
Accumulates among me

Karma encompasses these feelings so weak
And as we break, I'll feel you within me

Focus forward, and I'll take two steps back
I'm just a branch among the trees
I'm the burden at your feet
Track Name: If This Ambulance Had a Destination, We'd Drive to a Slim Chance of Tomorrow
I reach into the trash can
I pull out a receipt for a calendar and a Red Bull

People cuddle up under windows, tucked inside blanket vaults
As the storm they are watching sends cars into guardrails
Sends loved ones into cemeteries

I’m walking home from your dorm
And the hallway smells like “what were we just talking about?”

Two people lock eyes in a bookstore
They see nebulae reflected in corneas
And continue perusing used paperbacks

At home, I sleep until the afternoon
My phone buzzes ad infinitum
I am still asleep

A life encased in amber
Aptitude translated to inability
Through a thesaurus of anxiety

We are in my mother’s van
And the city is growing smaller behind us
Mannheim is closed

It is night time in a place where animals rule the streets
Headlights soak the asphalt sometime in the distant past

Cloaked in loathing, I lie motionless in my bed
As figures writhe in the static of darkness

The trees are falling down
They are clearing the forest where nothing can be forgiven
And only the rotten parts can crawl out from beneath the stones
And amble where the sun’s rays are not permitted to rest

I am standing next to a trash can
I throw away a receipt for a Red Bull and a calendar

Various strategies
Overcoming emotion

Dazed out and drenched in self-pity
Echoes of consciousness continuously loop
As shadows of the past year disappear

Deeply buried in self-loathing
When my potential took a turn in my head

Sorry, never meant such a lie
Smoke engulfs itself in warm embrace
Giving my lungs a sense of comfort
Putting my brain to rest

I am as broken as the rest
I am broken
Track Name: your house, it is burning
A man made of glass
Disintegrating into a luminous trail
Struggling to recollect his past

A portrait of imbalanced mind
Struggling to keep sane

In this shattered earth

Please take him in
Empty all of his burdens
Bleed his brain numb

Your house, it is burning

You're fueling the fire